Directory of ACI Operation Services
Car Rental Consulting

TOKYO-BASED ABRAMS CONSULTING INTERNATIONL-ASIA PACIFIC REGION ( “ACI-A/P” ), is a division of ABRAMS (, based in New York, and the leading specialized consulting and research firm serving global auto rental systems,franchisees, independents, as well as allied product and service suppliers, for over 3 decades. ACI-A/P is led by managing director Kaiji Kiriya, a long time industry expert.
Following is a listing of some of the professional services Provided by ACI-AP, which is supported by the full resources of Parent ACG.

Directories of Services
  1. Japan car rental market information
  2. Procedures for starting car rental operation in Japan
  3. Commercial account system in Japan
  4. Sales promotions for inbound customers
  5. Sales promotions for outbound customers
  6. Insurance replacement promotions
  7. Franchise System in Japan
  8. Responses for car rental inquiries in Japan